The logo is important to our mission.

The elephant, a gentle natured animal, came to Earth to teach humanity about true strength, empathy, and kindness.  When Gwendolyn was diagnosed at 5 months old, a family friend gifted our family an elephant to represent STRENGTH.  Since that day, the elephant has been Gwen’s symbol and the base of Gwendolyn’s Gifts logo.

Sunflowers remind us to be bright, sunny, positive, spread seeds of happiness, and hold our head high.  One of Gwendolyn’s favorite activities is soaking up sunshine which led to the sunflower being her favorite flower.  For the Gwendolyn’s Gifts logo, the sunflower represents SUNSHINE.

A smile is often perceived as a sign of compassion.  Gwen was gifted a picture-perfect SMILE and also shares her gift of spreading smiles through the charity.

The logo was inspired by Gwen’s strength, love of sunshine, and perfect smile.  Through this journey, we have learned that STRENGTH, SUNSHINE, AND SMILES are the best ways to combat hard days and the charity aims to spread that to other local families.