Gwen’s birthday week was nothing short of special but there is one extra special moment that must be shared. Gwen was able to check another item off her bucket list: GO ON HER FIRST DATE!! Grab the tissues, folks…this is such a heartwarming story!

Meet Tate, Gwen’s boyfriend. Tate has known Gwen since birth and she’s always held a special place in his heart. On Gwen’s first birthday, Tate knocks on our door to deliver a new bracelet. Gwen’s daddy, “Buddy, you shouldn’t be giving girls jewelry this early on…they will start to expect it all the time.” Twelve year old Tate confidently responds, “Not only is it her first birthday but it’s also our 1 year anniversary.”

Tate has continued to prove his love for Gwen over the years by proudly wearing his Team Gwen shirt and bracelet and even selling them at his grade school to raise money for his best buddy.

Fast forward to this week, I receive a text from Tate’s mom, “Tate wants to know if Gwen can go on her first date now that she is 5. Does 5pm work tonight?” Gwen checked her calendar and promptly said “YES!” Gwen excitedly picked out a new leopard dress she received for her birthday…a fierce choice for a first date!

Tate arrived promptly at 5 o’clock carrying a bouquet of flowers. He came in and greeted Gwen, “you look so beautiful.” When asked about her leopard dress, Tate responds, “Gwen I think it’s a perfect choice, I like bold girls!” The cute couple spent the next 15 minutes hanging out and taking proper first date photos.

It was time for the “date”…Tate has been anxious to take Gwen for a ride in his new car since turning 16 this year! This sweet boy pulled out all the stops…car washed inside and out, walking Gwen to the car, and opening her door. The next part is where Gwen’s mama lost control of her emotions. Tate starts the car and he has “Sweet Gwendolyn” playing (that’s Gwen’s own song she had written about her from her Make-A-Wish experience).

Tate and Gwen (with their mom’s, in tow) cruised a couple streets in the neighborhood. Gwen rested her head on Tate and had the world’s largest smile during her ride. Following the ride, Tate “walked” Gwen to the door. A simple, but absolutely perfect first date experience for Gwen. It’s really the small things that mean the most!

Tate- a two sport varsity athlete who should have the “cool 16 year old high school attitude” allowed our sweet girl the experience of feeling the anticipation of a first date and treated her like a queen. Thank you for being an awesome buddy and “boyfriend” to your 5 year old neighbor fighting a terminal brain disease. Your kindness and love for Gwen are simply beautiful- the true definition of a relationship. Gwen’s daddy said, “Tate is the only guy that Gwen would be allowed to date at 5 years old.” Tate, you are a true gentleman and the world would be a much better place if we had more “Tates!”

Thank you for making our whole family smile this week!!

Published On: September 17, 2019Categories: News