Today, Ella (Gwen’s youngest sister) had her 4 month check up. I knew everything was ok but I still held my breath walking into the appointment.

Rewind 6 years ago to Gwen’s 4 month checkup. Gwen had been crying 16-18 hours a day and we had been to the pediatrician and GI on multiple occasions to treat her “severe colic.”

Back in 2015, we entered the appointment and the nurse was going through a developmental checklist with me

“Does your baby babble?”

“Does your baby track?”

“Does your baby rollover?”

“Does your baby hold objects?”

I sat there and answered…no, no, no, no

As she continued down the checklist, my voice cracked as I was choking back tears.

“Oh SH*T!” this was my first realization that “severe colic” might not be the cause of Gwen’s constant crying.

Gwen was clearly delayed. And we weren’t clearly seeing that.  Do we blame in on being first time parents? Way sleep deprived? In denial?

Probably a combination of all three.

Her pediatrician came in the room and said “I hear you have some concerns.”

My concerns aligned with her concerns and Gwen was referred to pediatric neurology.

Today, I smiled big when I told the pediatrician about Ella’s current function.

We told Dr. M about Ella’s love to stand, her gummy bear smile, her darling giggle, how she tracks you around the room, how she found her feet this week, how well she’s eating, that she’s starting to sleep through the night, and how she loves interacting with her sisters.

It was a wonderful moment to answer YES to the developmental checklist. While this is our third child, it is our first time witnessing a baby meet milestones and we are soaking in every single new development! This is such a treat in life!

We’ve experienced quite a lot of “oh sh*t” moments the last 6 years. But, I think those hard moments make the good moments that much sweeter! If you are currently going through an “oh sh*t” moment, please know we are praying for you and hope you can eventually experience a sweet treat in life!

Published On: June 1, 2021Categories: News